We are Maia Expeditions

Maia Expeditions Tour Operator is a company that has the objective in promotes the Amazon region. Since 1986 its founder Max Maia exercising the profession as tour guide on expeditions and trips in a verity of places in the Amazon region. After his contact directly with the clients, he saw the necessity of offering new options of tour packages and programs to promote and share his experience and Knowledge for those who want to explore the Amazon. Today workes with a philosophy of combining modernization and ecology. As his main focus is on conservation and preservation of the Amazon jungle, but making sure and possible that all visitors can marvel them selves with all the beauties of the Amazon region. It was with this conception that Maia Expeditions Tour Operator was founded. To proportionate the foreign and Brazilian eco tourist interested and concerned with the Amazon, all the necessary support with experience, efficiency and punctuality in all its activities. Proportionate an unforgettable experience in the Amazon. The Maia Expeditions Tour Operator aims in all its activities to follow a slogan of conservation, preservation of the environment and the rich biodiversity of the Amazonian basis.
Our staff is formed by professional of tourism which is extremely prepared to supply the best way possible to all the service requested, with a high pattern of attendance to all clients.

Maia Expeditions
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