Modern design with nautical technology and all the infra-structure of a great yacht. With total security, comfort and sophistication. The yachts has 14 suits in three decks.

  • 12 suites with a double bed, hot water and additional: a single bed
  • 01 deluxe suite with 02 double bed and hot water
  • 01 deluxe suite with 02 single beds and hot water
  • Air-conditioner, hot water, restaurant with air-conditioner, kitchen, game hall, video room, bar, entertainment and leisure area
  • Acclimated
  • Sewage treatment system
  • Equipped with a Scania engine of 550 hps
  • Two generators Kuhler of 75 Kvas
  • Satellite communication
  • On-board radar, GPS, VHF/UGF radio

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