Welcome to Amazonas, if you are looking for a great and reliable experience in the Amazon.Maia Expeditions Tour Operator offers you all the supports.Transfers in and out from airport and we can also help you find a hotel at Manaus.We have many different kinds of Expeditions up Rio Negro, Mamori River, Juma Lake and Tracaj Lake.Starting from 03 days up to 10 days trips, sleeping in hammocks with mosquito nets.Also staying at Caboclo 's house (native's house) this is a very nice experience trekking, canoeing, fishing, camping, swimming and make part of their daily lives.Share with them cultural exchange and social economic integration to local native people.This is will be come a kind of educational experience. So check below some of our Eco Expeditions:


dating sites in ontario genealogical society speed dating kingston middle school This is the best way to explore the Amazon rainforest; you will have local native guides showing you the amazon ways of canoeing fishing and camping.

  • estrela Specialities of the Brazilian rainforest;
  • estrela Explanations about the medicinal plants wildlife of the Amazon rainforest;
  • estrela Orientation in unknown territory;
  • estrela Alimentation with food the forest is offering;
  • estrela Preparing and conserving the food;
  • estrela Construction of accommodations and how to secure them;
  • estrela Methods of making fire without lighters, matches and other artificial things;
  • estrela Places to make fire, kinds of woods dating website bio tips for instagram What is includes:

  • Bilingual guide all meals mineral water transfers Manaus to base camp Manaus hammock accommodations with mosquito net all the activities of the program.

dating men rimless sunglasses We recommend that you bring a small backpack along with your main gear. This will help you pack for off trips and nights we spend in the jungle. The following items are also recommended: light cotton T-shirts, a cotton sweater and sweat pants, several pairs of socks, jeans or nylon long pants, shorts, old trekking shoes or hiking boots, a hat, sun glasses, a pair of flip flops, swimming suit, towel, sun screen, a small flashlight, a pair of binoculars, zip lock bags to store and protect film and other items from water, a rain coat (if you must).

Words for online dating We have more Eco-friendly alternatives to bug repellents, but you may wish to bring your own.

Maia Expeditions
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