This tour program is for four (04) days and it caters for the minimum group of one (01) up to maximum of eight (8) participants. The tour program is for those that are physically prepared. As the arduousness makes it unique, showing the Amazon Rainforest to all participants in all its natural form and beauty.

For the duration of the tour program, you will sleep in hammocks and will be guided and orientated by tour guides.

Package descripition

Leaving the hotel at 08:00 AM by car to the river port CEASA (25 minutes).

Take a speedboat to the village porto do Careiro (30 minutes), at this point, we will be passing by the meeting of the waters, where Rio Negro and Rio Solimões River meet (meeting of the waters). This is where the Amazon River is formed and from here flowing towards the Atlantic Ocean for many kilometer side by side without mixing the black and brown muddy waters. Some times as we are crossing the rivers at this point with great luck, some fresh water Pink or Grey Dolphins (Botos) surprise us. So, prepare you cameras or cellular phones for photos as we stop for a few minutes for some pictures.

After a stop at the fruit market, take a bus or a van to the Mamori River via the Manaus to Porto Velho old Road Way (60 minutes by BR319). By boat, we pass many lakes, creeks, opportunity to see also water Lilies with its enormous floating leaves and native’s villages and communities. An ideal spot for all type of wildlife: birds, alligators, fishes, snakes and monkeys. During this trip to the base camp, a creature can surprise you at any time.

Arrival at Base Camp is scheduled for 12:00 PM. Lunch will be served, fresh water fish, beef (meat), chicken, salads and exotic fruits from the Amazon.

After lunch, there is a motorized canoe tour, which you will get to know the area better. Through this tour, you will get to observe many animals such as monkeys, sloth, iguanas, spiders and a wide variety of birds too. Dinner is served at Base Camp 07:00 PM fresh water fish, beef (meat), chicken, salads and exotic fruits from the Amazon.

05:30 AM Bird Watching Tour and then breakfast before leave for next camp.

After breakfast, guests will do a hike in the Rainforest for 4 hours. When we do get tired, we stop, build camp and have lunch. After lunch, guests will leave by canoe to the next camping point in the Rainforest.

Arriving will prepare camp and have dinner. After dinner, nocturnal excursion by paddle canoe with a torch light to try to spot animals and nocturnal birds and also listen to the sounds of the Rainforest at night.

As different parts of the Rainforest have different kinds of sounds at night. Participant will be able for a short period to live as a Native Amazonian jungle man. This will be a memory that will last for a lifetime.

07:30 AM Breakfast. After breakfast another Rainforest long trek. The Amazon Rainforest is made up of different types of rainforest, which has different eco-systems and is also the home to different species of vegetation, animals, birds and insects. As doing two different treks will help you to see and to understand better the Amazon Rainforest. Stop for rest and lunch somewhere on a tree trunk middle of the jungle.

After lunch, guests, with tour guide and canoe pilot with native jungle guide, will fish for dinner, with hand lines, nets, rods and traps. Various species of fish are in the Amazon; your guide will give you the name or names and characteristics of any fish caught.

Dinner we can roast our caught fish on the fire and enjoy around the fire telling a few legends or some fish man histories.  After dinner, guests will go bow and arrow and spear fishing.

07:30 AM Wildlife spotting tour early morning canoeing as you are saying goodbye to this wonderful majestic place. By breakfast, we will cook some of eatable fruits we have maybe collected throughout our tours visiting the local native people.

After breakfast, guests will visit an area to see rubber trees. Tour guide will explain about the rubber boom in the Amazon. How natural rubber became such an important economy for those that lived at Manaus between 1880 and 1920. Lunch at 12:00 PM and transfer 02:00 PM back to Manaus using the same itinerary.

Return back to Manaus around 05:00 PM. Drop of at hotel or Airport you may choose where you would like drop off.

Important information

If you do not want to take your entire luggage to jungle tour, you can keep at deposit of your Hotel, Hostel or Guesthouse and on the way back, you can get it back. We also offer the option free, to keep it at our office. Therefore, you will have it back as you return from the tour.

Package includes

Transfers In/Out to base camp, sleep in hammocks with mosquito nets, all meals  (breakfast / lunch / dinner), during the meals we include  mineral water and fruit juice, all tours according to tour program with English speaking tour guides.

Some details to make your adventure unforgettable

Bring along your spirit of adventure, insects repellant, sunglasses, flashlight, hat or cap, comfortable clothes, t-shirts, shorts, long pants, tennis shoes, sandals and a raincoat. It is also a good idea to have a smaller backpack for the off day tours out in the jungle.

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