This Package is for three (03) days and it caters for the minimum group of one (01) up to maximum six (08) guests. The program is for guests whom are physically fine because the arduousness makes it unique, as it shows the Amazon Rain Forest to the guest in all its natural form and beauty.

For the duration of the package, guests will be sleeping in hammocks and accompanied by a trained Rainforest expert guide.

Package description

Pick up by car at hotel, guests will transfer to the Ceasa Port. Take a speedboat to cross from the Negro River to the Solimões River. Guests will pass by the famous Meeting of the Waters (the Negro River meeting the Solimões River to form the Amazon River). Arriving at Careiro on the Solimões River guests will have a short time to look around this place. Once again, the trip will be by car for about one hour.

Arriving in Arara Port guests will take another speedboat, traveling for nearly one hour (01). At the Mamorí River, on the way, guests will have a chance to see many different species of birds and with bit of luck maybe a wild animal as monkeys, sloths and Caymans.

Arriving at the (Caboclo`s house native tour Guide), guests will set up the hammocks and have a good lunch. After lunch a little relax time, after the guests will go out on a reconnaissance tour in a small canoe. Go back to the base camp to prepare for the camping that night, remember lights only during day light. Dinner cook fish and beef on fire, salads, fruits all fresh and mineral water for the cooking and drinking.

After dinner guests will go on a nocturnal excursion to spot caimans, and listen to the sounds of the” Rain Forest”  During this excursion your tour guide and your native tour guide will try catch a caiman by hand. The history, physical characteristics, and the gestation period will be explained to guests, not only these animals but many others nocturnal animals as a Tapir, Capybara, Spotted Jaguars or even birds as we always say in the Amazon we never know what we can bump into.Return to the (Base Camp fall into hammocks, try, and get to sleep). If you wish can have a little bit of Caipirinhas before, somecachaça (the Brazilian Rum with sugar lemon and Ice will help you to fall a sleep or knock you out). Just for moderated consuming.

05:00AM Bird Watching Tour and Pink Dolphins (Botos Cor de Rosa). Breakfast; After breakfast a jungle walk – The Amazon Rainforest is made up of different types of forests, which has got different Eco – Systems and is the home to different species of vegetation, animals, birds and insects. This trekking will help you to see and to understand better the Amazon Rain Forest. Tree climbing and swinging on the vines like Tarzan and Jane use to do, we look for the strongest vines and trees and hope not to fall, just joking all we do make sure that is safe. Lunch;


Early Morning-Birds watching tour, Gray Dolphins, Pink Dolphins and, with lucky, we might see some river Otters. Breakfast! After breakfast guests will do a reconnaissance tour of the Igapó (annually flooded forest) this is the best place to do canoeing under canopy of the big Amazonian rainforest, I am sure you love to see and take all pictures as you go by this creek cutting through the jungle. Lunch! After guests will go to a native’s house (on the Tracajá Lake Maia Family). Free Time to relax and have a swim in the river before return back to Manaus.

Return to Manaus, arrival around 05:30 PM. Drop of at hotel or Airport, you may choose where you would like drop off.

Important information

If you do not want to take your entire luggage to jungle tour, you can keep at deposit of your Hotel, Hostel or Guesthouse and on the way back, you can get it back. We also offer the option free, to keep it at our office. Therefore, you will have it back as you return from the tour.

Package includes

  • Transfers In/Out to base camp
  • Sleep in hammocks with mosquito nets
  • All meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner)
  • During the meals we include mineral water and fruit juice
  • All tours according to tour program with English speaking tour guides

Transfers In/Out to base camp, sleep in hammocks with mosquito nets, all meals  (breakfast / lunch / dinner), during the meals we include  mineral water and fruit juice, all tours according to tour program with English speaking tour guides.

Some details to make your adventure unforgettable

Bring along your spirit of adventure, insects repellant, sunglasses, flashlight, hat or cap, comfortable clothes, t-shirts, shorts, long pants, tennis shoes, sandals and a raincoat. It is also a good idea to have a smaller backpack for the off day tours out in the jungle.

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