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Experience the tropical rainforest and the fascinating environs of the Amazon River on this trip deep into the jungle while you luxuriate in the comfort of this premiere cruise ship.


  1. Solimões River (3 nights) - from Friday to Monday.
  2. Negro River (4 nights) - from Monday to Friday.
  3. Solimões & Negro (7 nights) - from Monday to Monday or from Friday to Friday.

Exploring the beauties of the amazon rivers on a floating hotel

Leave the everyday world behind and become immersed in the mystery of the Amazon jungle. Lush green forests flank the broad waters, and the dense rainforest teems with wildlife. Monkeys swing through the branches while colorful parrots and macaws flash through the trees as the Grand Amazon cruises by.

This unique, all-inclusive Amazon river cruise is perfect for adults and children 8 years and older, offering days of leisure activities, live entertainment, and excursions. Well-appointed cabins provide the ultimate in comfort and luxury. The gourmet cuisine offers flavors that will appeal to the most particular palates. The Grand Amazon river cruise is an unforgettable vacation.

Awake in a soft, king-size bed between cool, comfortable European linens, while outside the windows, the warm sun glints off the Amazon River—it’s not a dream; it’s a full-sensory experience onboard the Grand Amazon. Stepping out onto their private balcony, from one of the cabins and suites onboard this one-of-a-kind floating hotel, the dazzling views of the river and tropical rainforest are a feast for the eyes and the imagination.

Room service and comfortably appointed rooms with air conditioning and full, private bathrooms provide an intimate escape with a flair for adventure. All rooms are elegantly designed with touches of local, Amazonian cultural art. All-inclusive stays aboard this luxury river cruise include everything guests need for a perfect getaway in this marvel of the world.

From the top of the canopy to the jungle floor, from bustling city to surging river, Brazil and the mighty Amazon present an unparalleled world of mystery and adventure. Travelers exploring Manaus, the economic and cultural capital of northern Brazil, take in an endless variety of parks and gardens that invite close encounters with manatees, sloths, otters and squirrel monkeys.

The city’s shops and restaurants offer a step back in time to learn about Brazilian culture and the European-influenced architecture. But the breathless heart of the Amazon is the rainforest. During guided walks along trails, or motorboat excursions through the Jaraqui and Ariau regions, the unmatched diversity of flora and fauna and wildlife take center stage.

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