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Amazon Cruise - Amazon Clipper Cruise

"Amazon Clipper Cruises" is specialized in operating boat cruises on the Amazon River system departing from Manaus, using from basic regional hammock boats up to beautiful Yachts. Our own traditional Amazon riverboats offer basic comfort such as double cabins with bunk berths, private toilet & shower facilities and night time air-conditioning, and the Premium, our newest boat, offers luxury with comfort of a five star Hotel. The Premium offers 16 spacious cabins, private bathrooms with hot shower, lower beds, individual air-conditioning, safety boxes, television and mini bar in all cabins.

We offer a regular guaranteed departure cruise schedule (no minimum of pax required) with tours departing on Mondays (3 days/2 nights), Wednesdays (4 days/3 nights) and the full cruise from Mondays to Saturdays (6 days/5 nights), as well as charters and special interest tours.

Amazon Clipper Cruises has two different fleets of boats: The Amazon Clipper Traditional, with our boats; "AMAZON ANGLER" (10 Pax), "AMAZON CLIPPER" (16 Pax) and "SELLY CLIPPER II" (20 Pax) and our newest luxury boat, the PREMIUM (32 Passengers).

Regular Departures - ITINERARIES 


DAY 1 - Monday - Depart Hotel Tropical landing-stage at 14:30 hrs. Presentation on board of staff, route and facilities. Navigation to the "Meeting of the Waters". Observation. Navigation in the Xiborena and Careiro region to Curari. Canoe trip in smaller creeks to see life on the flood plains: jute, market-garden produce, rubber trees, as well as flood plain forest and lakes with giant water lilies (in season). This trip returns after sunset, so that we can observe night life, including caimans. Navigation up the Amazon (the upper part of it called Solimoes by the natives) to Lake Janauaca. Dinner on the way.

DAY 2 - Tuesday - Early morning canoe trip for bird-watching. There are good chances of seeing Hoatzins and large flocks of Egrets and Cormorants. Breakfast. Visit to the inhabitants of the lake who live from manioc plantations, fishing, diverse fruit trees, rubber, Brazil-nut trees, wood and other extractive products. Walk in the forest with commentaries by the specialist. Lunch. Navigation. Fishing for piranhas and other types of fish. Dinner. Night trip to see nocturnal animals, sometimes including night-hawks, snakes, toro-rats, sloth and frogs. Navigation downstream on the Amazon.

DAY 3 - Wednesday - Early morning bird-watching trip in the Janauary Ecological Park and nearby waterways. Breakfast. Navigation past Manaus port, with views of the floating docks, market, old custom house and houses on stilts, to the Hotel Tropical landing-stage arriving at 11:30 am. End of services.


DAY 1 - Wednesday - Leaves the Tropical Hotel landing-stage at 14:30 hrs. Presentation on board of the staff, route and facilities. Navigation to the Pagodão river (tributary of the Negro). Canoe trip shortly before sunset, returning after dark, with the possibility of observing nocturnal animals and perceive the change in the forest as night falls. Dinner. Navigation to Acu Creek or nearby tributaries.

DAY 2 - Thursday - Breakfast. Walk in the forest with commentaries by the specialist. Observation of the flora. Visit to a "caboclo" family. Chance to see the local way of life, preparation of manioc flour (the staple foodstuff of the Amazon), the health and education situation of the children etc. Lunch. Navigation through the Anavilhanas, the world's largest fresh water archipelago, more then 1000 miles from the ocean. Visit to the village of Novo Airao, with its handicraft boat yards where the "AMAZON CLIPPER" was built, sawmills, market and other activities. Navigation. Dinner. Night trip to see caimans and possibly frogs, sloth, snakes and other species, depending on the season.

DAY 3 - Friday - Navigation to Praia Grande or other white sand beach. Swimming if conditions permit, and observation of the vegetation of sandy areas. Canoe trip in lake Acajatuba or adjacent lake domains to see typical flora (rubber trees, Brazil nuts, useful palm trees of various types). Fishing for piranhas. Lunch. Stop at the Paricatuba community to see old abandoned rubber-boom buildings, now overgrown with strangler fig trees. Dinner. Navigation.

DAY 4 - Saturday - Lake Janauary. Canoe trip at sunrise for bird watching. Breakfast. Navigation to the "Meeting of the Waters". Return to the Tropical Hotel landing-stage, with fine views of Manaus' waterfront. Arrival at 11:30 hrs. End of services.


Being the sum of the two previous trips taken consecutively, this cruise gets people acquainted with the two different "Amazonias" (white waters and black waters). Passengers start the trip on Mondays and remain on board until Saturdays

PRICES valid until the 31st of December 2008

Amazon Clipper Cruises "traditional":
3 Days/2 Nights (Mondays to Wednesdays)
4 Days/3 Nights (Wednesdays to Saturdays)
6 Days/5 Nights (Mondays to Saturdays)

3 Days/2 Nights (Mondays to Wednesdays)
4 Days/3 Nights (Wednesdays to Saturdays)
6 Days/5 Nights (Mondays to Saturdays)

- Triple cabins available on Premium Cruise. Child up to 12 can share triple cabin with parents, with 50% discount. On the Premium cruise only.
- To guarantee a single cabin please add 80% to the regular prices.
- Children up to 12 years old have a discount of 20%.

Pick-up always at 02:00 p.m. at Tropical Hotel Manaus Lobby.
Arrival time always at 11:30 a.m. at Tropical Hotel Manaus.


A light rain coat / hat
Swim suit / sun block
Sun glass / binoculars
Insect repellent / Long sleeve shirt
T-shirt / Tennis / special shoes
Socks / Pants and shorts


Advance payment of 20% of price for trip to confirm reservation and balance 30 days prior to departure. No departure without full payment.

More than 30 days prior to departure : No fee
From 30 to 16 days prior to departure : 20% of the total value
From 15 to 05 days prior to departure : 50% of the total value
Less than 05 days prior to departure : 100% of the total value

50% on rack rate, considered credit when the program be effectuated.

we reserve the right to change itineraries without consulting participants, depending on prevailing natural conditions. If the vessel's arrival or departure times are changed due to force majeure, we are not responsible for missed flights or connections, nor for extra expenses incurred there on.

our firm is not responsible for injury, loss, accidents, delays or irregularities that may be occasioned either by reason of defect in any boat or through the acts of default of any company or person engaged in the operations.

We encourage the visitors to hold their own personal life & accidents insurance, as well as insurance for damage or lost of personal objects or lost of flight connections.

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