Package highlights

The boat expedition includes: Meeting of the Waters, visit water lilies lake, piranha fishing, alligator spotting, and jungle trekking, explore Cuieiras river, visit Arara community, Visit Novo Airão ( a city located around Negro river) observe the dolphins, canoe tour, camp in the jungle, bird watching and visit Anavilhanas Archipelago.

09:00 AM The program Starts with a cruise down river by boat, visiting the meeting of the waters from the grand Rio Negro and Rio Solimões Rivers (meeting of the waters) followed by a short visit to a floating Village, home to 30 families, (it is a very interesting place, the guest will receive a brief view of how people live in a floating house) and then we will go to Janauarilandia Park, to take a catwalk to see the giant water lilies. (12:30pm Lunch on the Board). Afterwards the group will make a canoe trip into the Igapé (flooded forest). Departure by boat from Januarilandia to Jacareubal - Dinner on Board - overnight on Hammocks or Cabins

06:00 AM Departure to Arara River. Breakfast on board.
08:00 AM Jungle trekking with a local guide from the Arara Community, During the Trek the group will get information about the flora and fauna of the region, including medicinal plants.
After trekking, lunch on Board and time for swimming in the river. Afternoon Piranha Fishing, and Sunset tour.
06:30 PM Dinner on the River Beach. Overnight in Hammocks or Cabins.

Breakfast and Departure to Cuieiras River (arrive around 05:00 PM). Dinner and overnight in the jungle (camp out from boat in jungle camp, this is up to your choice).

The forth day of your adventure begins with an early morning jungle trek where you will have the opportunity to observe and listen to Amazon fauna as it awakes with the sun.  Lunch on board. In the afternoon the group will have paddling expeditions in a dugout canoe, where everyone will try to paddle in Cuieiras River.  With this kind of canoe you will have more of a chance to see the birds and other animals due to the quieter, more tranquil method of transportation.

Dinner and afterwards a canoe trip to see the nocturnal life of the rainforest (90% of all animal species within the rainforest are active during the night).

Breakfast and departure to the city of Novo Airão. The group will visit the town (church and schools) and after they will have a chance to contemplate the dolphins while they are n their natural habitat. This area is where small groups of biologist some people from the community study the dolphin's habits. It is interesting to observe the relation between dolphins, nature and the people that live around these areas. Sometimes it is possible to observe a person authorized by IBAMA having some time with dolphins, swimming and giving them some food (fish).

Dinner on board, after a walk tour of town to experience the nightlife of Novo Airão. Overnight on board in hammocks or cabins.

Early departure to Manaus following the same itinerary and looking for activities and interests the group may have along the way. Our goal is to be back by the end of the afternoon to transfer you to a hotel of your choice.

What to Bring

  • We recommend that you bring a small backpack, which will be useful to take short treks
  • Thin T-shirts, Cotton shirt, Several pairs of socks
  • Long jeans, shoes or boots for trekking in the jungle
  • Hat, Sunglasses, Swimsuit, Towel, Sunscreen
  • One small flashlight, Binoculars
  • Plastic bag to protect camera or other equipment from water
  • Raincoat for your own protection
  • Your personal medicines


Travel insurance of any kind. Alcoholic beverages, such as beer and wine, which can be arranged per your request for moderate consumption. We do bring a couple bottles of cachaça (Brazilian sugar cane rum) to mix fresh lime Caipirinhas on ice in the evening. Our treat and tradition.

General conditions

An adventure trip generally requires that we operate with small groups of a few people. Our packages are still billed according to that small number of people. Travel insurance or any goods, alcoholic drinks as well as beer and wine, which can be served if they are required and consumed in moderation.

  • Travel safety - We inspect the boats that we work with regularly, as well as rescue and care equipment on board emergency and first aid.
  • We also rely on evacuation means for transporting patients with speedboats when so required.
  • Manaus has good hospitals, including one specializing in tropical medicine.

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