ANAVILHANAS EXPEDITION: You will navigate the narrow tributaries of the Negro river exploring deep into the forest, communities and rich biodiversity around the negro river.

We offer the newest river regular boat expedition option and invite you, your family and friends to discover the Amazon in a very special way: Cruising in the dark water of the Negro river, one of the main tributaries of the Amazon River, in a comfortable regional boat with all the safety that you need for your adventure aboard of our Anavilhanas Expedition. In addition, we inform that all accommodations are in cabins with air conditioning.

In this boat expedition, we bring our guests to visit the most interesting areas of the Negro river, like the small ribeirinhos communities, Indian tribe, and local culture, this  expedition also includes ecological tours like walk in the jungle, bird watching, tours by small canoes to observe the biodiversity of Amazonian fauna and flora.

Now we invite you to join us for this amazing experience with Maia Expeditions.

Cruzador Boat - Regional with cabins


DBL cabin

DBL cabin with bank beds


Included :

  • Transfer from hotel or airport / boat
  • Bilingual Guide
  • All meals
  • Accommodation - cabin with airconditioning  / private bathroom
  • All activities mentioned in the program

Expedition route:

  • Meeting of the Negro and Amazon river
  • Visit  Janauary Ecological Park
  • Visit flooded community
  • Visit  Acajatuba village on the Negro river
  • Visit indigenous community
  • Explore the Anavilhanas Archipelago

Experiences along the Expedition:

  • boat ride to contemplate the sunset
  • boat ride to contemplate the sunrise
  • Contemplating the indigenous ritual
  • swimming with pink dolphins in the acajatuba lake
  • barbecue in the beach ( Negro river)  at night
  • boat ride to contemplate the Amazon Fauna and Flora
  • Jungle Trekking
  • basic Jungle Survival Techniques
  • Alligator spotting
  • Piranha fishing
  • Early in the morning tour to observe the flock of birds 

Meeting of the waters

Water lilies

Indigenous ritual

08:30 am Pick up at the hotel or airport 20 minutes ride to the River Port to Embarkation.
The tour program begins with a cruise down river passing by front of the city, with a panoramic river view of the historical monuments such as the Opera House, Municipal Market, Customs House and others. In addition, an amazing view of many regional boats are the unique way of transport in the region and the houses on stilts (palafitas).

Navigating towards the "Meeting of the Waters" (Rio Negro and Rio Solimões River) forming the Amazon River with its muddy waters and with some luck, you can see the dolphins on the way. After observe we will visit a floating village with about 30 families (Comunidade Flutuante do Catalão), is a very interesting place, as visitors will get an idea of how people live in houseboats, then we will go to the Lake Janauary where we will make a walk on catwalks to observe the famous Victoria Regia (water lilies). Lunch aboard.

In the afternoon we cruise up the Rio Negro, we will stop to visit an indigenous village, where everyone can see an "Indigenous Ritual". Village that are still maintaining cultural aspects of their ancestors as rituals, dances, beliefs and customs. Dinner and overnight aboard in cabins with air-conditioning.

Piranha Fishing

Jungle Trek

Amazon rainforest

Departure to Acajatuba Lake. Jungle Trek with a guide from the Acajatuba community area, while walking the group will receive information about the flora and fauna of the region, including on medicinal plants.

After the walk, a delicious lunch will be served on board and then the group will have time available for swimming in the river.

A siesta is an awesome idea!!!

Afternoon - Fishing piranha and watching the sunset. Dinner on board.

Interactions with pink dolphins and visit to the local community. 05:30 Sunrise and Bird Watching Tour. Breakfast onboard.

Departure to visit the community Acajatuba or Sao Tome (is a local village with church and school). An interaction with the fresh water Dolphins "Botos" will be one of the moments that will remain in the memory of each visitor as the highlight of this tour.

Lunch on board at 12:00. The afternoon will be filled with a canoe ride in Igapós and Igarapés the region. Dinner on the beach accompanied with a "Barbecue + Caipirinha" to celebrate the last night in a very special style - Night onboard.

Breakfast, Interactions with pink dolphins. Lunch onboard. Visit native tribe. Departure to Manaus. Transfer to Airport oh hotel.


  • January

    5 - 8 / 15 - 18 / 25 - 28
  • February

    5 - 8 / 15 - 18 / 25 - 28
  • March

    5 - 8 / 15 - 18 / 25 - 28
  • April

    5 - 8 / 15 - 18 / 25 - 28
  • May

    5 - 8 / 15 - 18 / 25 - 28
  • June

    5 - 8 / 15 - 18 / 25 - 28
  • July

    5 - 8 / 15 - 18 / 25 - 28
  • August

    5 - 8 / 15 - 18 / 25 - 28
  • September

    5 - 8 / 15 - 18 / 25 - 28
  • October

    5 - 8 / 15 - 18 / 25 - 28
  • November

    5 - 8 / 15 - 18 / 25 - 28
  • December

    5 - 8 / 15 - 18 / 25 - 28

Some details to make your experience unforgettable

We recommend that you bring a small backpack, which will be useful to take short walks. The following items are also recommended: thin T-shirts, cotton shirt, several pairs of socks, long jeans, shoes or boots for hiking in the jungle, hat, sunglasses, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, one small flashlight, binoculars, and bag to protect camera or other water and a cover for the rain.  Bring repellent for mosquitoes, raincoat.

General conditions

An adventure trip generally requires that we operate with small groups of a few people. Our packages are still billed according to that small number of people. Travel insurance or any goods, alcoholic drinks as well as beer and wine, which can be served if they are required and consumed in moderation.

The programm does not include

  • Travel safety - We inspect the boats that we work with regularly, as well as rescue and care equipment on board emergency and first aid.
  • We also rely on evacuation means for transporting patients with speedboats when so required.
  • Manaus has good hospitals, including one specializing in tropical medicine.
  • We assume no responsibilities for loss or damage to personal equipment, unless this occurs as a result of negligence on our part.

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