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Amazon Survival Expeditions

Welcome to Amazonas, if you are looking for a great and reliable experience in the Amazon. Maia Expeditions Tour Operator offers you all the supports. Transfers in and out from airport and we can also help you find a hotel at Manaus. We have many different kinds of Expeditions up Rio Negro, Mamori River, Juma Lake and Tracajá Lake. Starting from 03 days up to 10 days trips, sleeping in hammocks with mosquito nets. Also staying at Caboclo's house (native's house) this is a very nice experience trekking, canoeing, fishing, camping, swimming and make part of their daily lives. Share with them cultural exchange and social economic integration to local native people. This is will be come a kind of educational experience. So check below some of our Eco Expeditions:


Specialities of the Brazilian rainforest:

* Explanations about plants( species of medical plants) and wildlife in the Amazon rainforest;
* Orientation in unknown territory;
* Foods that rainforest can offer;
* Preparing and storing the food;
* Construction of shelter and how to secure it;
* Methods of making fire without lighters, matches or other mechanism;
* How to make fire and types of woods you can use.

Here are some of the trips that we can propose:

estrelaSurvival Mamori 06 days 05 nights
estrelaCanoeing And Camping Expedition 03 days / 02 nights
estrelaCanoeing And Camping Expedition 04 days / 03 nights
estrelaCanoeing And Camping Expedition 05 days / 04 nights
estrelaAmazon Trekking Expeditions (Survival) Package 10 days / 09 nights

Expeditions Team:

All the tour guides have great knowledge about the Amazon and we all are natives from the Amazon. That means much more experience about the Amazon region and we all speak English, French, Spanish, Italian and Germany.

Max Maia, Daniel Barros, Silvano Lira, Herman, Henrique, José Ademar, Samuel , Augusto and Rildo