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Amazon Eco Package - Youth exchange (06 days 05 nights)

1st Day

Arriving at the Airport Eduardo Gomes International and be transported for01:30 by bus to Presidente Figueiredo located 107 km from Manaus which is knownas the "City of Waterfalls". Overnight.
 *** Check in overnight.

02 - Day

Breakfast, the 07:30 departure for a day full of adventures visiting the mainsites in Presidente Figueiredo. Our first adventure will be Maruaga Cave whichis located 06 km Balbina road, where they will take a walk on the trail to theMaruaga cave where they will be informed by local guides all the details of theformation of these caves that there are millions of years. Continuing the groupwill walk to a small waterfall called Judea" where our adventurers cancool off in the water coming out of rocks. Return to the City of PresidenteFigueiredo for lunch and in the afternoon visit the Santuário Waterfall orIracema Waterfall and to finalize a visit to the rapids Urubuí bath and 17.00 Departureto Manaus. Hotel overnight.

Breakfast and transfer to Manaus at 08:30 and boarding in regional boatdeparting from the Port of Manaus sailing across the city, with a panoramicview of the city of Manaus. The regional boats are the only way of transportationin the region, and the houses built on stilts (Palafitas). Navigating a littlemore reach the Meeting of the waters (Rio Negro and Solimoes). Thus forming theAmazon River with its muddy waters, where the group will have the chancel to shootsome river dolphins, then visit a floating village with about 30 families is avery interesting place, where ours young visitors will have an idea of ​​howpeople live in boat houses on the lake, then they will to  JanuaryNational Park, where they will walking to observe one of the most exotic aquatic plants of the Amazon"Victoria Regia", his name is a tribute to Queen Victoria.
Lunch on board **. Afternoon sailing up the Rio Negro to the indigenous tribeof Indians Tupé, where there group will have the chance to see an indigenousritual.
** Overnight onboard networks.

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04 - Day

07: H00
*** Breakfast on board
*** 08:00 - Walk in the jungle with our guides trained in jungle survival.During the walk the group will receive information about medicinal plants,fauna and flora and jungle survival techniques, showing, teaching andpracticing different ways to live with nature. Our students have theopportunity to really live this experience. After the walk, lunch will beserved on board and then the group will have time available to swim in theriver.
Afternoon *** - Fishing for piranha and watching the sunset.
*** At night dinner and after our students will leave for a nocturnal adventurein canoes to observe animals and alligator spotting.
 overnight in hammocks.


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05: H00
Note canoe sunrise and birds.
*** Breakfast on board
This morning the group can go swimming with dolphins, a unique chance to standside by side and touch them (optional) and then we will go to visit thecommunity of Acajatuba where our young students will learn the local school aswell as church, a small factory Craft, clinical and the curiosities of peopleliving along the Amazon rivers. Return to the boat
Lunch on board *** to 12:00 - The afternoon the group will go to a canoe tripin the Igapó and Igarapés and visit to a local family for a demonstration ofhow to make flour, Beju (species of bread) which is considered a staple foodand also have the chance to taste the "Wine of Açai" fruit of a palmtree that is becoming internationally known for its energetic properties.
Dinner at the Beach *** (Lual with barbecue and music. Surprise and possibleduring the time of low water. (Check the period of low water).
Night *** aboard.

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Breakfast and departure to Manaus. Arriving in Manaus directly to a City Tour,where our young students will be informed about the biggest Brazilian State,the Amazonas State Capital Manaus, and its history of wealth due to the rubbermonopoly until its decline with the loss of production for the market inMalaysia. Visiting the main attractions in Manaus as the Teatro Amazonas,Palacio Rio Negro, Market Hall and Indian Museum. The Zoo and INPA will have tobe combined into a new script due to availability of time. Transfer to thehotel, transfer to the airport to check with the group's itinerary.

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Some details to make your trip unforgettable:
Bring mosquito repellent *** / sunglasses / hat or cap / comfortable clothes /shoes, sandals and a raincoat.

Transfer arrival and Departure for hotel in Manaus, Eco-Student package 04dias03noites boat with accommodation in networks, all meals and excursionsdescribed in the program include specialized guides, mineral water, juices,techniques and survival training with visiting Presidente Figueiredo lunch.

Travel insurance or any type of alcoholic beverages as well as beers and wines.

Due to the nature and risks that are inherent to this type of travel, werecommend that each person take their own medications for personal use. Weinspect the boats we work with regularly, as well as the care and rescueequipment on board emergency and first aid. We also rely on means of escape by fasttransport patients when deemed appropriate. Manaus has good hospitals, one ofthem being specialized in tropical medicine.
We take no responsibility for losses or damage of personal equipment, unlessthis occurs as a result of negligence on our part.

We recommend you bring a small backpack, which will be helpful to take shorttrips and even overnight in the jungle. The following items are alsorecommended: t-shirts thin cotton shirt, several pairs of socks, long jeans,shoes or boots for hiking in the jungle, hat, sunglasses, swimsuit, towel,sunscreen, a small flashlight, binoculars, camera pouch that protects or otherwater and a cover for rain and Good Trip.